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Are you changing
the world of fashion?
We know what it takes.

Are you changing the world of fashion?
We know what it takes.

About ASOS ventures

Welcome to ASOS

ASOS Ventures is the corporate venture capital arm of ASOS. We are a strategic partner for promising fashion technology companies around the world. We are looking for ideas that disrupt the old ways of doing things, business models that can scale profitably, and technology that is incredibly powerful yet beautifully simple.

Above all, we are looking for that rare breed of entrepreneur – people who are passionate about their journey, driven to realise their vision, and for whom no hurdle is insurmountable.

Common questions

Common questions

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  • Will you invest to help me grow my business?
  • Can you give me advice?
  • Can you help me acquire new customers?
  • Can you help me to improve my operations?
  • Will you help me to accelerate my growth?

Will you invest to help me grow my business?

We started with three employees and a big vision and became the World’s most visited fashion website in a little over a decade. We know that access to funding is a crucial ingredient to propel a young business forward. But as a strategic investor we believe that our added value goes much further.

Can you give me advice?


The vision and achievements of ASOS have helped define online fashion. The business comprises some of the brightest and best minds in the world of online fashion. We can help overcome the talent gap that inhibits so many emerging businesses.

Can you help me acquire new customers?

Every month over eighty million people visit our websites to buy a mix of own label, local and global brands. We’re passionate about our customers and can help you to develop a successful customer acquisition program.

Can you help me to improve my operations?


We ship to 237 countries and territories around the globe via one of the most sophisticated logistics operations. This has taken years of investment and effort to get right. Our know-how can help you to scale your business.

Will you help me to accelerate my growth?

We look to build the ideal support package to accelerate and scale our portfolio companies, with everything from financial support, administration, operations, marketing, creative and design through to technology development. With almost 2,000 staff, it is likely that we have the expertise you need.

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Our team

With the support of ASOS, you’ll have access to some of the most cutting edge thinking in the business of online fashion retailing. Our practical experience and support will let your business flourish. Our investment committee comprises:

Brian McBride


Brian joined us from where he was managing director from 2006 to 2011, leading the company through one of its biggest periods of growth and development. He began his career with Xerox and has also worked at IBM, Crosfield Electronics, Madge Networks, Dell Computers and as Managing Director of T-Mobile (UK). Brian is a member of the UK Government’s digital advisory board, which is helping deliver government services to the British people through digital means. He also advises on technology, digital and mobile areas in his role as senior venture partner at Scottish Equity Partners, as non-executive director of the Board of the BBC, and a member of the advisory board of Huawei UK, the UK subsidiary of the Chinese Global Information Technology and Communications provider.

Brian is a Senior Advisor with Scottish Equity Partners, Senior Non-Executive Director at, Senior Non-Executive Director at Computacenter PLC, Non-Executive Director on the Board of the BBC, a member of the Advisory Board of Huawei UK, the UK subsidiary of the Chinese Global Information Technology and Communications provider, a member of the Advisory Board of Numis PLC, the leading Investment bankers and stockbrokers, and a member of the Court (Governing Body) of the University of Glasgow.

I believe the company has the platform, proposition and ambition to deliver its vision of becoming the fashion destination for twenty-somethings, globally.

Nick Robertson

Chief executive officer

Nick co-founded in 2000. His career began in 1987 at the advertising agency Young and Rubicam. In 1991 he moved to Carat, the UK’s largest media planning and buying agency. In 1995 he co-founded Entertainment Marketing, a marketing services business. Nick was awarded an OBE in 2011 for his achievements in the world of fashion retailing.

ASOS is intently focused on winning the online fashion race. Our target market is the global population of twenty-somethings who love fashion – we see our customers and ourselves as being part of the same worldwide fashion community.

Nick Beighton

Chief operating officer

Nick is a chartered accountant who qualified at KPMG, working in transaction services and within the strategic business management group. He joined Matalan in 1999 as Head of Finance and became Business Change and IT Director ahead of his appointment to the company’s retail board in 2003. In August 2005, Nick joined the board of Luminar entertainment group as Finance Director. Nick is a member of the EU eCommerce Task Force and the Future Fifty Programme Advisory Panel. He was appointed Chief Operating Officer of ASOS in October 2014.

My own shopping habits have changed out of proportion since I’ve worked at ASOS. I find myself browsing and I buy pieces quite regularly because I enjoy it. I find it quite addictive and quite fun.

Daniel Bobroff

Investment director

Daniel has a career of over twenty five years as a tech entrepreneur with a wide body of work. Starting in 1989, he was acclaimed for “selling Sonic to the Admen”, pioneering in-game advertising throughout the nineties with the first campaigns seen within the medium and working with some of the World’s most famous brands. He spent over a decade as a video game developer, building international teams that created numerous chart hits such as Motocross Mania, adidas Power Soccer and Freestyle Metal X. More recently, he has built businesses and software across a wide array of digital channels including Apps, SaaS, e-commerce, CMS and EMS, working with developers in every continent.

I am seeking ideas that disrupt the old ways of doing things, business models that can scale profitably and technology that is incredibly powerful yet beautifully simple.

Andrew Magowan

General counsel

Andrew is General Counsel & Company Secretary of ASOS plc. He has responsibility for risk and reputation management across all of ASOS - including the legal, corporate governance, company secretarial, compliance and insurance functions, as well as the corporate responsibility department and the ASOS Foundation.

Before joining ASOS in January 2012, Andrew was Legal Director of the Global Operations division of Bristow Group, one of the world’s largest providers of helicopter services to the oil and gas industry. Prior to that, he was General Counsel & Company Secretary for FTSE-listed Alpha Airports Group Plc, an international flight caterer and airport retailer. He qualified and worked for over five years as a corporate lawyer with City law firm Berwin Leighton Paisner, and gained his initial commercial legal experience as a Corporate/Commercial Legal Adviser with FTSE 100-listed international food and ingredients business, Associated British Foods plc.

ASOS has a reputation for innovation in fashion that is second to none. We are as excited today about what the future holds as we were at our outset.

Shaun McCabe

International director

Shaun began his career at Whitbread and Ernst & Young, moving to Home Retail Group, where he spent eight years in a variety of finance roles and business roles including two years as Head of Customer Marketing and finally as Trading Finance Director for Homebase. He moved to Amazon in 2007 as Financial Director for UK and then CFO for European Business, based in Luxembourg, and was also a non-executive director of Lovefilm.

Joining ASOS in 2013, Shaun now oversees all facets for the ASOS International. His remit at ASOS includes building and responsibility for the international ASOS business including the USA, Europe, Australia, Russia and new ASOS China site launched in late 2013.

The pace of change in the digital world is accelerating and ASOS needs to continue to innovate to stay ahead. Fashion technology will develop enormously in a short space of time and we are uniquely positioned to lead that innovation.

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Fascinating vision "Immersive Shopping Experience with VR" @hprpic. Delighted to be an investor in these guys.

RT: @DanielBobroff

If you speak Hebrew (!) an interesting article appeared on @ASOSventures in israel's business paper The Globes

RT: @DanielBobroff

Great question f/ @mdial "how do we recruit #techies in #fashion?" @DanielBobroff "we rethink how we attract tomorrow's talents" #DFLondon

RT: @helloclausette

"What the smartest hackers do when they control their own time is what the rest of us will do in 5 years" @cdixon #TCDisrupt

RT: @DanielBobroff

"GitHub is the new Bell Labs" @cdixon #TCDisrupt

RT: @DanielBobroff

"Play can be ultimate accelerant of invention". Well said Alex @TeamKano #techcrunchdisrupt

RT: @DanielBobroff

Failures are features not faults.If you're not failing some of time you could be learning faster @astroteller #SXSW

RT: @DanielBobroff

On innovation: Visualisation without execution is just hallucination. @WalterIsaacson #SXSW

RT: @DanielBobroff

If you are looking to change the world of fashion, @ASOSventures is hiring. Apply here:

RT: @DanielBobroff

1972: Pixar co-founder Ed Catmull & schoolpal Fred Parker create 1st 3D animation #DareToDream

Delighted to announce that ASOS Ventures has taken a minority stake in @Trillenium3D to explore the future of online fashion in 3D/VR world.

Delighted to support Duke of York's excellent @idea_award.Video: Apply:

RT: @DanielBobroff

"#millennials are happy to give you #data but only if you serve them." @DanielBobroff @asos @retailweek #fashiontech #innovation #startup

RT: @AlexBatdorf

Opening of DLD innovation festival by former President Shimon Peres

RT: @DanielBobroff

Delighted to announce the launch of the new ASOS Ventures website from where you may also apply.

Looking forward to attending TechCrunch Disrupt in SF next week #tcdisrupt Feel free to reach out if you would like to meet

RT: @DanielBobroff

Question faced by all Entrepreneurs "When to take the leap of faith & quit my job?" Valuable advice @Bhavneetchandel

10 habits of truly successful entrepreneurs.Great list,particularly liked "they try to prove something to themselves"

@FLB_StefanKolle of FutureLab, @RossABailey of AppearHere, @DanielBobroff of ASOS all joining the amazing line-up at the #bigshoppingpopup!

RT: @mccannlondon

E3: Welcome back Indies and "VR is on its way sooner than most people think."

RT: @DanielBobroff

#MSFTVenturesUK applications close 30/6. Give your startup an unfair advantage with mentoring from ASOS. Apply today:

RT: @DanielBobroff

Tech talent is equally distributed across the globe. It's then about passion and hard work. Are we now at "what you know not who you know"?

RT: @DanielBobroff

Fascinating post mortem of crashed startups.Life has funny way of teaching most when you fail...if you're listening!

RT: @DanielBobroff

Enjoyed visit to @MasterCardLabs. Impressive thinking out of the box and pleased to announce our participation in their program as a mentor

RT: @DanielBobroff

Looking forward to launch of @BarclaysAccel Barclays Accelerator tonight and joining as a mentor. A glimpse into future of FinTech perhaps?

RT: @DanielBobroff

Something vaguely familiar about Google's self drive car though...

RT: @DanielBobroff

E-com "one size fits all" or "market of one"? To date mostly the former but is mobile and more sophisticated Gen-Y's driving the latter?

RT: @DanielBobroff

“The fashion industry is coming kicking and screaming into the future” - @DanielBobroff @ASOS #DFLondon [mb]

RT: @Stylus_LIVE

Like @ShopDirect putting customer ux at core with their lab. Test 35 ideas monthly. Hard but vital to challenge old processes #imrgconnect

RT: @DanielBobroff

Lively session @WraggeLaw tonight on 3D printing's future. "Beware hype around plastic tat".Sense or cynicism?More dreamers needed next time

RT: @DanielBobroff

The future of fashion is code, not couture. An interesting debate @francisbitonti

RT: @DanielBobroff

Millennials have become their own brands with their own audiences. They seek a new relationship with traditional brands; it's about service

RT: @DanielBobroff

Debut entrepreneurs prone to fear of losing all when they see success.Force yourself to accelerate faster. It's winner takes all out there.

RT: @DanielBobroff

Thin app or feature rich? @twitter say feature rich. But no clear consensus. App Store encourages consumer trend to single purpose search

RT: @DanielBobroff

"We need to move towards more invisible technology that doesnt overtake our lives" @DanielBobroff Investment Director @ASOS #DFlondon #asos

RT: @Nikki_Trott

Vurb wins TechCrunch Disrupt NYC. Congrats. #TechCrunchDisrupt

RT: @DanielBobroff

Fab @Sophia_Amoruso of Nasty Gal disproves TechCrunch Disrupt theme that women aren't making a difference in tech. More to do for sure.

RT: @DanielBobroff

Astro Teller, head of Google Moonshots :) asks how can you develop tech that makes the tech invisible. Stop the schism we currently endure

RT: @DanielBobroff

CEO of YCombinator describes growth of tech companies - "they start as missionaries and end as mercenaries"

RT: @DanielBobroff

Excited to see the next big thing at TechCrunch Disrupt NYC #TCDisrupt

RT: @DanielBobroff

The wait is over. @ASOS & #MSFTVenturesUK accepting applications for Sept cohort, get your #startup off the ground!

RT: @DanielBobroff

At #MCommerceSummit NYC. Iterate on mobile often to serve your customers best. Identify and own your mobile moment.

RT: @DanielBobroff

Proud to announce our association with Microsoft Ventures to seek the best retail tech innovation

RT: @DanielBobroff

“@TheDukeOfYork:” Really enjoyed #pitchatpalace tonight and even made appearance in HRH's selfie. Great pitches!

RT: @DanielBobroff
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